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Towel / Geek Pride Day 2015! :iconmikeyblighe:MikeyBlighe 1 0
My Life in 8-Bit Part II- Electric Dreams
My teenage years were definitely the richest times when it came to expanding my gaming knowledge and becoming more acquainted with a whole range of different genres. As my brain matured, I could pick up and play games with much more complexity than the relatively straightforward games of my Atari and Mega Drive era.
This goes a long way to explaining why games are such an important part of my life and my memories. As I grew up and matured, the world of gaming grew and matured with me.
My first foray into this new generation of in-depth games happened whilst paying my regular Sunday visit to my gran’s house one week. My cousin Simon (the same one who owned the Amiga I had played Street Fighter II on all those years ago) had brought his new console over. I looked curiously at the grey plastic box on the carpet and the weird shaped controller. My curiosity was further piqued when I noticed that the games for this box were on compact discs instead of cartridges. How interesting! How
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My Life In 8-Bit Part I
Part I- First Gen (1990 - 1996)
I can’t really remember my life before video games. There’s these little flashes of memories, like racing caterpillars and whacking our damp old broom against the wall of the back yard until woodlice spiraled out to the floor and scurried away terrified.
And memories of splashing around in the river that ran past the bottom of my street, catching tadpoles in my hands and watching them wriggle and squirm. And lots of memories of walking in the countryside around where I lived.
But apart from that, it’s mostly a haze, because when I was eight I received my first gaming console. Well, computer to be exact. It was an Amstrad CPC 464, and it began my life as a gamer, walking hand-in-hand through life with games filling the gaps in between memories and significant life events.
Markers have been laid down throughout my life since video games became a part of them, and piecing together certain events is easier when I think about what particular
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Ode To Video Games
Gotta go fast and collect all the rings
And emeralds too, they're such precious things
Link is running too, he's a man on a mission
Trying his best to get away from "Hey, Listen!"
Watch out for Meteor, Sephiroth's bringing it down
Or is that just the Space Core floating around
Samus is firing on all cylinders, a great warrior she
I used to be an adventurer until I took an arrow in the knee
Vice City is drenched in the blood of the many
The many who dared to cross Tommy Vercetti
In Zero Wing where ZIGs are in surplus
We are told "All your base are belong to us"
Finally to the Mushroom Kingdom once again
Where goombas are more populous than men
All those jumps and all that hassle
Just to hear, "Your Princess is in another castle"!
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This Is Our City
I am an outsider looking in
Like a child with a snowglobe
This city is dying within
Without any sense of irony
Snow coats the ground like paint
Whitening the past and present
The future seems so faint
With shades of brown and black
When the grass begins to grow
And our eyes blink in the sun
We take hits blow by blow
The same but so different
So let us keep walking through
The snow and sun and rain
We can paint our city blue
But it cannot hide the truth
:iconmikeyblighe:MikeyBlighe 1 0
If You Go Down to the Woods Tonight.. :iconmikeyblighe:MikeyBlighe 0 0
Mature content
The 5 Most Pointless Materia in FFVII :iconmikeyblighe:MikeyBlighe 0 5
The Gate
They called her Violent Violet. I never knew why, she did all the things we used to do. Stamp on snails, pull the wings from butterflies, kick the teachers in the shins.
We were all the same. But all so different. This school was made for kids who could give out and take hard knocks.
Doors remained locked, as did the gates. We were taught but did not learn. So we were taught again. Unbelievably we never did grasp the concept of faith in humanity. This was drained out of us at a fairly early stage.
Writing in the dark with only the burning of eyes on you is a harrowing experience. We never knew who was watching who, but we knew we could not copy each other's answers.
Who do you trust in this kind of environment? Sometimes you cannot even trust yourself. Decisions were made and actions executed swiftly in this place.
Now the windows are boarded up and the doors rot on their hinges. The walls are peeling paint and gathering mould and penetrating damp. Holes are appearing in the ceilings,
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Bottom of the Glass
Whispering reassurances into my ear
These things I will never hear
Completion dates may vary upon receipt
And works may also be incomplete
Throw another stone into the river
Curious sounds coming from a zither
Flowing melodies curse all our souls
Somebody else's story is left untold
Coming together for a meeting of minds
Thoughts bouncing off circles and lines
We conclude that there are no conclusions
Just happy individuals with no delusions
Propping up the bar in every town
Served with a smile and not a frown
This is how all life should always be
Wake up darling this is not reality
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Save Yourself
Throwing myself around this empty room, and time and time again people don't seem to notice me.
But wait, this is an empty room. No lights, no windows. How long have I been in here? How long have I been fighting against nothing? The world takes things as it goes, and I take things before they arrive.
Lurking thoughts in my mind, tricking me into believing that things are always going to turn out wrong and for the worst. Why do I fight against myself this way?
I turn, try to be happy, try to keep my smile on, but there's something hiding beneath the surface, waiting to bubble over and explode. Small explosions have occurred in the past, and I know there's an eruption heading my way.
But since I'm in this small room on my own, it can't cause anyone any harm can it? There is nobody to hurt by myself. Nobody else can see me. Nobody else can save me. My own misery is what keeps this little world turning.
Hold on to the past, it's something we can look on and wonder upon. What if I did this?
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Slovenly Loathsome
There are shapes I cannot describe
Living beneath this diseased soul
There are horrors I cannot envision
Digging deep into these veins
Hiding this will not solve a thing
Telling everyone will not help at all
So torn between these two decisions
Here I stand in front of the edge
Conflicted and confused and catatonic
Beware the eyes that stare and stare
Hold your breath until things disappear
That would be the safest solution now
Fight back with a dose of prescription
Standing alone waiting for conscription
There can only be one description
For this lonely dereliction
That would be a thankless task
Describing the face behind the mask
In this sunshine the sins shall bask
Waiting to break this empty cask
So step back and breathe in deep
As these horrors begin to creep
Thank the gods for eternal sleep
In this place only angels weep
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One More Season in the Wilderness
Actions speak louder than words, she said
As she sprawled out on top of the bed
Let's make the most of expression, I urged
Before the floods begin to surge
Losing myself in a whirlwind of thought
With memories being my only support
Keeping me standing and keeping me taut
Yet at the same time so fragile and fraught
A picture is worth an eternity of words
Is what she said when our love was referred
Passed for invoice but never received
Life is fleeting, life is a breeze
Finding myself in a desert of shame
With my hopes and dreams washed down the drain
Nobody told me that when summer came
My forward momentum would struggle and strain
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Towel Day 2011 :iconmikeyblighe:MikeyBlighe 1 0 Towel Day 2010 :iconmikeyblighe:MikeyBlighe 4 7
War Games I
Death brings praise indeed
   Fall fighting for your country
      Who are we saving?
An open forum
   To discuss how to set up
      A closed inquiry
Time never runs slow
   But as the clock never stops
      Time never runs fast
Like an open book
   Hidden in a dark locked room
      It will not be read
Worlds apart but near
   We can hear soft whispering
      From within our souls
Clock in then clock out
   Then tune out this petty world
      Walk in then walk out
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Looking For Infinity
Climbing over rocks and leaves
So he can make it to the sea
A life like that makes no sense to me
In this world we only want to be free
Stop the clocks and wind back time
All those wasted hours could be mine
Smash the coconuts and slice the lime
We're going to drink until the stars shine
:iconmikeyblighe:MikeyBlighe 2 0

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Mature content
Two Out of Four Zombies :iconjennholton:JennHolton 2 0
Motor Wheel :icondolphinmaieh:DolphinMaieh 4 20
Dash Of Truth
All the wishes and dreams
Gone away, gone awry
As difficult to reach
As the stars in the sky
All the hopes and all the cares
Nurtured so carefully
Lead away from my heart
Lead away from me
This is who I am
There's no reason or rhyme
Just wishing away life
And dreaming away time
Spinning in circles
This crazy thing called life
All the hopes and the cares
Slashed by a knife
Sitting out here, on the roof
Hoping for some kind of proof
Something to tell me I am right
A dash of truth and a ray of light
:iconwaitingforafairytale:WaitingForAFairyTale 1 2
No Umbrella Needed :iconync:ync 34 65 Skittles :iconync:ync 67 53 _B_ :iconseth-nightlord:Seth-Nightlord 16 19 ..He Came and Went.. :iconkasumi9:Kasumi9 12 10
behind closed doors
I used up all the milk, mother says I drink too much coffee,
she talks through static and misses my brother,
he congregated her smiles, super glued together,
and dragged them away.
Father yells, he is always right
he thinks I eat too much.
Mum told me he threw a telephone at the wall this morning,
Bruised, with wires spewing out of skin, it is her fault
the dial tone hung itself.
There is not enough wood to put in the hole, he says
I bring in the fistfuls of cold that hovers around his headaches.
He will be sorry soon.
Mum has a broken arm, she gave me her bingo money
to buy apples and eggs. She does not go out much
and likes card games. I told her I would take her for dinner
to cheer her up, but there is not enough time
between the times new roman print of this book,
to keep things like promises. I will be sorry
:iconinmyroom:inmyroom 21 23
If your worst nightmare is that you've only begun to fight
and have been denied your chance
that more hangs in the balance
than the mind understands
leaving words meaningless
as blows land
making the only true success
when a fight comes to an end
protecting someone close to you
not mattering whether you win or lose
in this world of dreams seeing duty through...
Can't do it;
carrying us both is too hard.
Let me
My duty is to guard.
Nevermind my future
let it end where it may.
For you I know
I'd throw it all away...

If all while you're wake
you only imagine how much you can take
on the behalf of another
praying you're not too late
and you'll last long enough
to save the day
and keep trouble away
from those who find shelter
in your shade...
the ever present plague
weighing heavily on shoulders taxed
never allowed to relax
breaking yours watching someone else's back...
Can't do it;
standing up is too hard
let me
My duty is to guard.
Nevermind my future
It ma
:iconex1:Ex1 9 59
Surrender of The Toilet Pest :iconthetrashcaretaker:TheTrashCaretaker 66 59


Oh my goodness gracious crikey o blimey!

It's been a year and a half since I last visited DA, and I feel like a stranger in a familiar land.

Let's see, what's happened since the last time I was here? Well, me and the family have moved over to the east coast of Canada (Halifax to be exact), I've really been plugging away at my YouTube channel and my writing has really fallen to the wayside.

I don't think I'll be doing much around here anymore, but I hope you're all well and have an awesome 2017!
  • Listening to: Magpies... lots of them.
  • Playing: GTA V
Oh my goodness gracious crikey o blimey!

It's been a year and a half since I last visited DA, and I feel like a stranger in a familiar land.

Let's see, what's happened since the last time I was here? Well, me and the family have moved over to the east coast of Canada (Halifax to be exact), I've really been plugging away at my YouTube channel and my writing has really fallen to the wayside.

I don't think I'll be doing much around here anymore, but I hope you're all well and have an awesome 2017!
  • Listening to: Magpies... lots of them.
  • Playing: GTA V


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